How is beer from Grodzisk made?

Piwo z Grodziska
a reneissance of the Polish Beer Style

„How refreshing it is! And how cold!
everyone’s ready to admit this.
Be it the young or even the old:
they all love our beer from Grodzisk”

Józef Łukasiewicz, „Ode to Grodziskie Beer”
"Weteran Poznański" 1825 r.

The beer from Grodzisk Wielkopolski represents more than 700 years of tradition. It has made a comeback to revive the legend of the only Polish beer style. Like in the old days, it is brewed with the local Grodzisk water, the Grodzisk yeast and 100% wheat malt smoked over oak wood in line with the Grodzisk recipe.

We hope that the efforts dedicated to the restoration of the Grodzisk Wielkopolski brewery and to re-establishing this legendary beer will be appreciated by fans of the style, as well as those who never had the opportunity to taste the original beer from Grodzisk.

We would like to thank the authorities of the town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski, all the beer lovers and the avid fans of Grodzisk beer, collectors and the former brewery employees who made it possible to revive the beer referred to as “a treasure of the Polish art of brewing”.

The Grodzisk Wielkopolski Brewery Team,
Grodzisk Wielkopolski, May 2015